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    Servicing The Midwest Since 1984

    BOS Machine Tool Services, Inc.

    Since 1984

    BOS Machine Tool Services has been providing the highest quality machine tool services to customers in the Midwest since way back in 1984. That’s a long time and over the years we have built a great reputation, a loyal customer base and an extensive amount of industry knowledge.

    You can be assured that when BOS Machine is involved, the job will be done right and done right the first time. ?We can provide a considerable savings in cost by repairing existing manufacturing machinery as opposed to replacing it. We have the tools and the technicians who know how to use them to produce accurate and precise results.?BOS has a fully equipped machine shop with the capability to manufacture replacement parts at a lower cost than OEM. Our technicians include those who specialize in trouble shooting electrical systems, hydraulic systems and mechanical drives.

    All BOS repairs are guaranteed with our laser technology and thorough inspections. We specialize in hand scraping – the best way to align machine ways.?Because of our laser technology and hand scraping expertise, we regularly rebuild and repair machine tools to closer than OEM tolerances.

    We can provide lift trucks with capacities up to 50,000 lbs. We pride ourselves on having everything it takes to provide complete on-site service. When work can’t be done on-site, BOS has trucks with up to 40,000 lbs. hauling capacity.

    Full Machine Shop Capabilities

    BOS Machine Tool Services
    BOS Machine Tool Services
    BOS Machine Tool Services

    Our Services

    Presses / Press Brakes / Shears

    Preventive maintenance is a concept being embraced by an ever growing number of manufacturers around the world. Plain and simple… preventive maintenance saves!

    More Information

    Turning Machines / Milling Machines

    Many older machines have specific size capabilities and tooling designed for your unique production needs. Ordering a brand new, custom designed machine is expensive and may require months of waiting.

    More Information

    CNC Machines / Retrofits

    BOS specializes in electrical system upgrades. This can include rewiring the entire system and installing pre-engineered PLC systems. BOS can also replace relay logic with PLC controllers to eliminate electrical failures.

    More Information

    Field Service

    BOS has the tools, equipment and technicians to perform “in-the-field” service on all types of manufacturing machinery.

    More Information

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