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    CNC Machines

    Preventive Maintenance, Retrofits & Repairs

    Retrofits / Upgrades

    For CNC Machine repairs, BOS Machine Tool Services specializes in electrical system upgrades. This can include rewiring the entire system and installing pre-engineered PLC systems. BOS can also replace relay logic with PLC controllers to eliminate electrical failures. Each rebuild includes, as needed, inspection and repair of all conduit, control buttons and legend plates. We inspect your machine tool geometry using laser technology. BOS Machine Tool Services also specializes in Turcite replacement on machine ways and hand scraping to restore proper alignment. This can be done on-site. In addition to rebuilding the mechanical components, we run detailed inspections on the following systems…

    • Electrical
    • Hydraulic
    • Coolant
    • Lubrication

    BOS Machine Tool Services CNC Machine

    On this partial rebuild, BOS reground?the saddle ways, replaced the Turcite?and hand scraped the saddle?to proper alignment.



    Before work begins, we thoroughly review your needs. A detailed cost estimate, with a list of work to be done, is provided for your approval.

    Our system of working with manufacturers eliminates cost overruns and most problems before they occur. You can deal with BOS Machine Tool Services with complete confidence.

    BOS Machine Tool Services CNC MachineOn this Okuma rebuild, BOS ?ground the column ways, replaced?the Turcite on the head ways, replaced?the lower axis roller ways, then hand?scraped the Turcite to bring the machine?to better than OEM specs.

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