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    Presses - Press Brakes - Shears

    Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

    Press Brake

    Press Brakes need maintenance and repair from time to time. Overloading can cause damage to the rams and beds making it difficult to hold tolerances during production. BOS Machine Tool Service specializes in returning your press brake to its’ original tolerances. We have the equipment and the technical expertise to perform any preventive maintenance or repair procedure. If you have a press brake in need of some TLC, get in touch with BOS Machine Tool Services today to discuss your needs.



    Preventive maintenance is a concept being embraced by an ever growing number of manufacturers around the world. Plain and simple… preventive maintenance saves!

    BOS Machine Tool Services can design a preventive maintenance program to meet your unique needs. It begins with our in-depth inspection of your machines by our trained technicians at your facility. Our comprehensive, written reports include the following areas:

    • All pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication systems
    • All electrical controls
    • All mechanical components including
      bearings, ways and drive train
    • Guarding and other safety equipment

    A new Wichita clutch installed on a Press Brake.



    Repairs performed by BOS Machine Tool Services might include…

    • New clutch/brake units
    • New bronze bearings
    • New monitored lubrication systems
    • New light curtains, brake monitors and
      other OSHA required controls
    • New PLC machine controls
    • Rework other mechanical components as needed

    This Danly Press is completely?rebuilt and ready for shipment.

    Danly Press

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