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    Turning Machines / Milling Machines

    Repair / Rebuild Service

    Many older machines have specific size capabilities and tooling designed for your unique production needs. Ordering a brand new, custom designed machine is expensive and may require months of waiting. Finding replacement parts for your current machine is always difficult or impossible. The cost of the replacement parts can exceed the original cost of the machine itself.

    BOS Machine Tool Services

    This Blanchard Grinder came to BOS?sorely in need of a complete rebuild.


    BOS Machine Tool Services

    A few short weeks later, this same?grinder was operating at its’ OEM?performance standards.

    Thorough Inspection & Rebuild

    Let BOS Machine Tool Services save you significant time and money. We can repair and/or rebuild your current machine and remanufacture replacement parts at a fraction of the cost of new. Total system checks are performed on each machine tool we rebuild or repair.

    The following items can be included in our rebuild process…

    Electrical System
    Relays, operator stations, limit switches, conduit, wiring, etc.

    Hydraulic System
    Pumps, cylinders, valves, filters, reservoirs, lines, etc.

    Lubrication System
    Pumps, distribution blocks, meter units, lines, controls, etc.

    Drive Train
    Motors, gearing, shafts, bearings, couplings, etc.

    Other Mechanical Areas…
    Slides, feed screws, gibs, etc.

    Turning Machine

    This automatic lathe was completely rebuilt, including all slides, drive train, hydraulic and lube?system, bar feeder and electrical system?…all to customer specifications.

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